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Products and Services

Share Savings
A person becomes a member of RHAND through the purchase of shares ($5.00 per share). Members are required to purchase at least one share each month to maintain active financial status. Benefits include:
  • The use of Share Savings as collateral for loans
  • Annual dividends are payable on shareholdings on rates of interest as determined at Annual General Meetings
  • Free loan protection and life savings insurance on shareholdings

Savings Deposit
The Deposit Savings Account is similar to a bank savings account. Funds placed in this account are available to members who wish to access cash at any time. Interest is accumulated quarterly on this account.

RHAND Flex Deposit

Exclusively for members, the RHAND FLEX deposit is a fixed deposit with the principal sum ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 and over. With superior interest rates, coupled with flexibility, convenience and affordability, our FLEXDeposit is a great investment facility for the medium to long term.

"RHAND is a blessing! RHAND has been my life's saviour throughout, meeting my financial needs in a...."
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