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Question- What does RHAND mean?
Answer - RHAND (Red House And Neighbouring Departments) 

Question - How are the affairs of the credit union managed?
Answer - The day to day operations of the credit union are managed by a team of managers with general oversight provided by the Board and Statutory Committees i.e. Supervisory and Credit.

Question - What is the role of the Education Committee?
Answer - The Board of Directors appoints an Education Committee of at least five persons no later than three weeks following AGM. The Committee functions as an advisory and planning Committee as it reviews the education and training needs of the membership and may from time to time make policy recommendations to the Board.
Answer - Yes, but you must meet either of the following qualifications for membership
  • A person employed or who holds a salaried post in the Public Service, Statutory Authority or such quasi-governmental body as the Board may from time ti time determine.
  • An employee of the Society
  • A spouse of a member
  • A child who has attained his of her 10th birthday
  • A nominee or beneficiary of a deceased member
Answer- Like all credit unions RHAND provides its membership with loans and deposits at competitive interest rates. We do go a bit further by also offering a range of other products and services that complement our business arrangement with the membership. These include our LinCu Card service, Time Deposits, Health Insurance, Scholarships, etc.

Answer -  You will be eligible to the following share based schedule:
  • 2.5 times the first $10,000 of the value of shares
  • The next $25,000 ( taking you up to $35,000) is double the amount
  • Share values greater than $35,000 the amount eligible for is equivalent vale

Answer -  All members are eligible once in good standing, even those who have retired, once the necessary documents are provided.

Answer -  The following documents are required when applying for a typical loan:
  • Personal Identification, either your National Identification Card, Driver's Permit or Passport
  • Recent payslip or other justifiable evidence of taxable income ( Income that is either short term in nature, may not be consistent, or cannot be properly confirmed ( e.g. Acting allowances, child maintenance, small scale catering/ retail sales) is only to be noted and not included in assessing a member's debt servicing ratio
  • Support for loan purpose such as Invoice/Quotation/IOUs/Statement(s) of balances/Detailed letter from member or other intended recipient of loan proceeds/Sale Agreement/etc.
  • Utility bills 

Answer -  The FlexDeposit is one of our premier financial products. It is a time deposit, but without the rigidity associated with similar type savings. It offers one of the most competitive interest rates for similar type deposits locally. This deposit account allows members to access/withdraw and make deposits at anytime without penalty.

Answer -  Yes, the FlexDeposit can be used as security for a loan at RHAND or at any other financial institution.

Answer -  You must be a members in "Good Standing" and under the age of 60 years in order to be eligible to aplly for coverage under this Plan.

Answer -  This plan covers medical, dental, vision and there is also a term life insurance benefit.

Answer -  Provided the claim is covered under the RHAND Group Health Plan it is estimated to take 15 WORKING DAYS

Answer - We require that you apply for coverage under the RHAND Group Health Plan 6 months prior to your 60th birthday.

Answer - The deductible is the amount of eligible expenses for which no benefits are payable per calendar year. Under the RHAND Group Health Plan this deductible is $1000 per individual. The deductible is usually applied to three members of the family.(Even if you have more than three dependents)

"RHAND is a blessing! RHAND has been my life's saviour throughout, meeting my financial needs in a...."
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